TRENDFOTO Beauty Dishes - white - with Bowens S-Type Mount - 42 + 55cm

  • Features neutral white reflector
  • Includes Deflector
  • Offers Contrast and Texture
  • Natural Catchlights in Eyes
  • Optional Adapters for Most Brands
  • Ideal for fashion portrait photography
  • Combine with optional diffuser sock or honeycomb grid

TRENDFOTO Beauty Dish Kits + Honeycomb with Bowens S-Type Mount

  • Silver Interior Beauty Dish
  • Includes Deflector
  • Optional Adapters for Most Brands
  • Includes Diffusion Sock
  • Honeycomb Grid Included

TRENDFOTO 45 Degree Long Focus Reflector with Bowens S Type Mount

  • Emits a 45° light beam
  • with Bowens S Accessory Mount
  • Produces a moderately High in Contrast
  • Made of Aluminium, matt-black coated - inner silver coating
  • Honey Comb Grid included which provides a more narrow spread of the the light

TRENDFOTO Standard Reflector - 200mm - for Elinchrom + Honeycomb Grids

  • 200mm Standard Reflector for Elinchrom
  • Depth: 128mm
  • Creates a more directional, shielded light
  • Made of Aluminium, matt black coated
  • Weight: 200g
  • Honeycomb Grid 4x4mm + 6x6mm for any 200mm Standard Reflector
  • Easy to attach
  • Creates a more directional, shielded light
  • Made of Aluminium, matt black coated
  • Weight: 80g

TRENDFOTO Folding Beauty Dish - silver - 85cm - Bowens S -

  • For Strobes
  • Highly Reflective Silver Interior
  • Classic Beauty Dish Light Quality
  • Ideal for Portrait or Event Photography
  • Collapsible Fiberglass Frame
  • Sets up and Folds Down in Seconds
  • Lightweight and Easy to Transport
  • Supplied with Bowens Speed Ring
  • Very Even Light Distribution
  • Carrying Bag Included

TRENDFOTO Reflector Barndoor Kit - 3 Gel Filter + Translucent Filter + Honeycomb Grid

  • Includes a Honeycomb Grid and Color Filters for interesting and dramatic Lighting Effects
  • Rotates 360 Degrees
  • Controls and shapes light
  • Four individually adjustable barn door leafs
  • For Standard Reflector with a Diameter of 170mm to 200mm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Outside: matt-black Powder Coating

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